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Daniel Saxon Judd began releasing music as Sorcerer in 2007. As the Sorcerer he creates instrumental soundscapes by fusing strong sampled drum beats, thick funky basslines, wide crystalized guitars, and rainbow colored synthesizers. Sorcerer music focuses on the importance of melody and chords that rhythmically pull the listener into a fantasy mindstate and inspire both dancing and dreaming. True to his California coastal roots, his music also emphasizes the importance of warm atmosphere and natural celebration. He has releases on Tirk, Internasjonal, Is it Balearic?, Universal Cave, Voltaire, A Kind of Prescence, Alliance Upholstery, Real Balearic and more.

Releases: TIRK019: Sorcerer : Surfing At Midnight
TIRK026: Sorcerer : White Magic
TIRK027: Sorcerer : White Magic EP
TIRK043: Various Artists : TIRK02
TIRK051: Sorcerer : Neon Leon
TIRK053: Various Artists : Zen And The Art Of Disco Maintenance Chapter 1
TIRK057: Sorcerer : Chemise
TIRK065: Various Artists : TIRK03
Tracks: Sorcerer : Surfing At Midnight
Sorcerer : Surfing At Midnight (Prins Thomas Miks)
Sorcerer : Divers Do It Deeper
Sorcerer : Surfing At Midnight
Sorcerer : Hawaiian Island
Sorcerer : Airbrush Dragon
Sorcerer : Egyptian Sunset
Sorcerer : Slow Burning Hands
Sorcerer : Tennis (Game.Set.Patch)
Sorcerer : Surf Wax
Sorcerer : Blind Yachtsman
Sorcerer : Bamboo Brainwave
Sorcerer : Popsicle Orange
Sorcerer : Divers Do It Deeper
Sorcerer : Lies Are Dangerous
Sorcerer : Egyptian Sunset
Sorcerer : Surfing At Midnight (Prins Thomas Miks)
Sorcerer : Algorhythm
Sorcerer : Dayglow
Sorcerer : Chemise
Sorcerer : Ride The Serpent
Sorcerer : Push To Freeze
Sorcerer : Shaolin Style
Sorcerer : Raydio (Play It)
Sorcerer : Jump Rope
Sorcerer : Distort Yourself
Sorcerer : El Condor
Sorcerer : Raydio (Play It)
Sorcerer : Chemise (The Time And Space Machine Remix)
Sorcerer : Chemise
Sorcerer : Chemise (Max Essa Remix)
Sorcerer : Chemise (Tony Underground Remix)
Sorcerer : Algorhythm