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As the principal creative mind behind the NYC-based electro-pop band Burnside Project, Richard Jankovich (aka Pocket) is not just well-versed in pop music production—he’s quickly become one of the most celebrated remixers today. As Pocket, Jankovich has done remixes for Beck, Radiohead, Kristin Hersh, Of Montreal, Elk City, Joanna Newsom and many others, always to critical acclaim.

Releases: TIRK075: Pocket : All Of This Happened
Tracks: Pocket : Someone To Run Away From (Buy Download)
Pocket : Hear In Noiseville (Buy Download)
Pocket : Jars Of Fireflies (Buy Download)
Pocket : Backwards From Ten (Buy Download)
Pocket : Surround Him With Love (Buy Download)
Pocket : Beautiful Gray (Buy Download)
Pocket : The Way You Love Someone (Buy Download)
Pocket : Sampo (Buy Download)
Pocket : A Force Of Nature (Buy Download)
Pocket : Echo and Sway (Buy Download)
Pocket : Someone To Run Away (Orchestra Reprise) (Buy Download)