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TIRK008: New Young Pony Club : The Get Go

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New Young Pony Club
"Ice Cream"

Young Andy finally met Tahita New at the Discothèque. He'd heard the rumours of course. Less listless friends had seen her perform before. One proclaimed "She's got these... crazy eyes. You have to check her out!" Another was more succinct, "Look, she's what you need. Go. Get. Her. Now."
Creative sparks flew from the start. Well, it would. Two people fighting the same self delusory idea that they are really someone else trapped inside the wrong body?
Tahita, Iggy incarnate (circa TV Eye). Andy the bastard love child of J.J. Burnell and Nile Rodgers. A dangerous partnership all right, tempered only by their one shared passion - a demon like addicton to cake.
Pretty soon it was decided that they should give a name to their club. Since Tahita had always wanted a Pony but never been allowed she decided she'd have one now. In a benevolent mood she let Andy in on the action, too. They became the New Young Pony Club.
As with all Clubs a list of what they stood for and against was needed. It looks like this...
Ponies Love... Lemon Drizzle Cake / Oats / Playing loud Bass Guitar / Film noir / Noise / More noise / Being Groomed / Good Pop Music / 40's pin-ups / A touch of the whip / Bare Arsed cheek / Gay Disco
Ponies Hate...Tins / Lack of Passion / Bridles / Bad Pop Music / Clean stuff / Fools / Humans who don't dance

Written-By, Producer – NY Pony Club

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