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Various Artists
"Ijdut Boys: Press Play"

Idjut Boys aka Dan Tyler & Conrad McConnell hooked up in the late eighties through a shared love of the disco not disco

Best described as eclectic (or, to the uninitiated, eccentric) their DJ sets are typified by an anything goes attitude. Disco, electro, r, soul, house, techno, hip hop, pop & rock. Anything works if it fits in the mix. The nearest comparison would be with Belgium's Glimmer Twins. Both mash the party up, dropping anything from D-Train to Depeche Mode, DK7 to Debbie Harry, Dr Alimantado to D'angelo, all in one extraordinary set.
"Press Play" is the Idjuts first album release in almost 4 years. Compiled using 100% exclusive Idjut Boys re-edits, "Press Play" is a genre bending blend of music old and new. A breathless, eclectic mix of future heroes, lost gems, cult classics... and, er, Haircut 100.
Kicking off with some killer new tracks from an undoubted artist to watch the Idjuts introduce "Press Play" via Norway's Lindstrom. Pitched midway between the live instrumentation of DFA and the glacial electronics of Metro Area, Lindstrom, with his label Feedelity, is one of the hottest names in house music right now.
On a similar vibe is Jackson, featured here with his breakthrough track Radio Ca Ca. Following his recent signing to Warp, Jackson is widely tipped as the electronic scenes man most likely to for 2005.
Similarly starbound are LA based Hip Hop collective Plantlife - currently being championed by Mos Def ('the new generation of funk'), The Roots and Gilles Peterson as the freshest sound in a Hip Hop age.
Slightly more established but still as out there are Japanese punk electro diva Mu & Nashville via North London chanteusse, Willis. On "Press Play" Willis rips up Cameo's 80's funk classic 'Word Up' turning it into a world weary alt country lament, whilst Mu, never one to hang back, drops the taunting 'Hello Bored Biz Man', a key track from her self titled debut.
No Idjuts set would be complete though without taking a fresh look at the past. Lost classics on "Press Play" include Cedar Walton's jazz funk take on War's 'Low Rider', Kitty Grant's discofied re-rub of Chaz Jankels 'Glad To Know You' and cult classic Harry Thumann's madcap, bleeping, disco soundscape, 'Underwater', updated and refreshed here with a tasty new edit.
Most surprising, but more than welcome at that, is the inclusion of Haircut100. Coming on like 4AD's Colourbox digging some Sergio Leone soundtrack 'Evil Smoke Stacking Baby' proves there was surprisingly more to these pop poppets than maybe met the eye.
Other album highlights include the shimmering italo electro of Tantra '(A Place Called) Tarot' (the much acclaimed first single from Tirk, available here on CD for the first time), Etta James spiky soul taunt, 'All the Way Down' and, fittingly, finally, the unabashed disco glory of Sandy's Gangs 'Hungry'.

Compiled by Idjut Boys.
(P) 2005 Tirk

1. Lindstrøm And Christabelle - Music (In My Mind) [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
2. Etta James - All The Way Down [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
3. Plant Life - Love Me Till It Hurts [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
4. The Rebirth - Evil Vibrations [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
5. Lindstrøm And Prins Thomas - Ballerina [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
6. Kitty Grant - Glad To Know You [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
7. Tantra - (A Place Called) Tarot [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
8. MU - Hello Bored Biz Man [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
9. Harry Thuman - Underwater [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
10. Willis - Word Up [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
11. Cedar Walton - Low Rider [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
12. Jackson - Radio Ca Ca [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
13. Mark De Clive-Lowe - Slide [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
14. Kathy Diamond - Sunshine [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
15. Haircut 100 - Evil Smokestacking Baby [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
16. Arsenal - Far Have I Come [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
17. Sandy's Gang - Hungry [Idjut Boys Re-edit]
18. Various - Press Play (Mixed) [Idjut Boys Re-edits]