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TIRK004: New Young Pony Club : Ice Cream

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New Young Pony Club
"The Get Go"

Being the second instalment in the continuing adventures of the New Young Pony Club.
Since releasing their debut single it had been up, up, up for Andy & Tahita, the New Young Pony Club.
Creative sparks had flow between them from the start. Well, it would, Tahita, like Eartha Kitt bawling out Iggy Pop. Andy the bastard love child of J.J. Burnell, Nile Rodgers & Trevor Horn. Releasing the single, though, that had made it really real, y';know?
A 7" only release in February of this year 'Ice Cream'; sold out of it';s 1,000 print run in only 3 days.
In the Music Press the Ponies had been hailed 'as a band to watch, like early New Order over Moroder era Blondie' (Update), 'comin'; on like a sweeter Rapture' (Tank) or even 'disco pulse propelled underground robot rock (alive with blasé sex-slave vocals)' (Blender, USA). This last comment was especially nice, as the single was never actually released over there.
More surprisingly though, 'Ice Cream'; had been a firm favourite with the good people at XFm. Going to work in the mornings Tahita would hear the Ponies single blasting out her radio '….almost every day. For a month!!!'.
This small but perfectly formed success story led the Ponies to think bigger. They';d do more than just studio tracks with vocals. They';d form a band.
First up they';d need a keyboard player. Remembering how Laura the Pony Club sleeve designer had confessed she';d always fancied being in a band, Tahita called her bluff. Backed into a corner Laura admitted she';d only ever had 5 recorder lessons at an after school play group, 'And I was chucked out of that'. Following pop';s golden rule though they decided to ditch talent for looks. Laura was in. All she would need was some bright stickers on her keys (and a large bucket of vodka by the stage).
With Andy favouring Bass they went on a search for guitarists but as a rule guitar heroes don';t do pop, not enough showing off involved. Everyone they met was just Way Too Rock. 'Fucking guitarists, they just can';t stop doing solos' Andy ranted once after another doomed audition, 'I';ll have to do it'. Which worked out well because Tahita had just met Igor.
There';s a tradition in all bands since the dawn of time (1979 in post punk years), that tall people play Bass. Igor comes from Kiev, is 6ft 5in tall and looks like all three members of The Police combined. Igor had to play the Bass.
As for a drummer that chapter';s not actually finished yet but a first rehearsal with a recently out of rehab Echo (of Echo and the Bunnymen fame) went pretty well. If they can just keep him clean it could all work out..
'The Get Go'; / 'Jerk Me'; is the second single from New Young Pony Club

Written-By, Producer – NYPC

1. The Get Go
2. Jerk Me