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Fujiya & Miyagi
"Ankle Injuries"

Fujiya & Miyagi formed following the discovery of a mutual hero-worship of Kendo Nagasaki (the former WWA world heavyweight champion, from Wolverhampton. Allegedly the only man ever to pick up Big Daddy without dropping him (fact fans).
Fujiya & Miyagi are David Best (Miyagi / vocals / guitar / occasional, strictly non-progrock moog), Steve Lewis (Fujiya / keyboards / programming), and Matt Hainsby (Matthew / bass guitar).
A few things the band had to say about these two tracks...
'Ankle Injuries' - Is about walking to school as a kid and finding a porno mag in the middle of the road and realising that a female's genitalia is different to a males.
'Photocopier' - Is about working in an office and daydreaming about other things.
Earlier this year, the band got to support their hero, Damo Suzuki. An inspired performance prompted the former Can man to utter ' Fujiya & Miyagi? A little bit Kraftwerk, a little bit Neu! They remind me of home '.
Fujiya & Miyagi are soon to be the subject of MTV's 30-minute documentary show, This is our Music.

1. Ankle Injuries
2. Photocopier