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Fujiya & Miyagi
"Transparent Things"

' Transparent Things' is the title of a book by Vladimir Nabokov, and also the title of the latest album from Fujiya & Miyagi.
Following the sell-out success of their first three Tirk-10"-vinyl-only singles, 'In One Ear & Out The Other/'Conductor 71', 'Collarbone'/'Cassettesingle', 'Ankle Injuries'/ 'Photocopier', this latest release compiles new versions of those six tracks, available for the first time on CD, with three previously unreleased scorchers: 'Sucker Punch', 'Transparent Things', and 'Cylinders'.
Fujiya & Miyagi are David Best (Miyagi, vocals, guitar, occasional but strictly non-progrock Moog), Steve Lewis (Fujiya, keyboards, beats, programming), and Matt Hainsby (Ampersand, bass guitar).
The story of how they met and formed the band variously reports a mutual hero-worship of world heavyweight wrestler Kendo Nagasaki (from Wolverhampton, and like the boys from F&M, not a Japanese cell in his muscle-bound body), and a shared interest in krautrock and early-nineties electronica discovered while warming the subs bench during Sunday league football. And the name...?
David: "Miyagi was taken from the film 'The Karate Kid' and Fujiya was the name of a record player. It just looked really nice written down. And it was the only name we came up with"
Fujiya & Miyagi produce a sound that has been located by the music and media fraternity as somewhere between Can, the Happy Mondays, Alabama 3, Kraftwerk and Talking Heads. This, combined with David's eclectic line in lyrics: " I've got a slow, a slow, a slow metabolism" , has won them an excited legion of supporters, among whom may be counted DFA, Tiga, Andrew Weatherall, Chicken Lips, Damo Suzuki and BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson. As Matt points out: " You can't go looking for that kind of feedback".
In a karaoke bar, they would perform Purple Rain, Let's Dance , and Wichita Line Man
They would like Robert Wyatt to cover Cylinders
Their favourite bands and artists are Serge Gainsbourg, Can, Captain Beefheart, David Bowie, Roxy Music, the Fall, Aphex Twin, Happy Mondays, Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, Eno, Wire, Smog, Prince and Louis Jordan
Outside of music and football, their hobbies include reading Vladimir Nabokov (David), video editing/filming (Steve), and photography (Matt)
Their funeral songs would be Serge Gainsbourg's Variations Sur Marilou (David), any blues song by Tony Martini and the Coasters (Steve) and, erm, French Kiss by Lil' Louis (Matt)
'Ankle Injuries'
Is about walking to school as a kid and finding a porno mag in the middle of the road and realising that a female's genitalia is different from a male's.
Is about working in an office and daydreaming about other things.
David : This is the story of how I broke my collarbone twice. The first time I broke it I was five-years-old and carrying an armful of toy guns back to my house in Kenilworth. I tripped over my shoelaces and somersaulted into a lamppost. A week later I got chicken pox. The second time was a few years later, training for a school sports day, I was overtaking a kid called David Moore who deliberately tripped me up. He felt really bad about this and locked himself in the school toilet for the whole of the next day, sobbing.
'Transparent Things'
David: The verse talks about all the things that bug me and the chorus is trying to calm me down so I don't get wound up about litterbugs, questionnaires and cyclists.
'Conductor 71'
This track is an instrumental. The title comes from the Powell & Pressburger film A Matter of Life and Death . It's got David Niven in it
'In One Ear & Out The Other'
Is about not listening to people and not being listened to.
'Sucker Punch'
Is about being sucker punched by a girl.
Another Instrumental. The obligatory krautrocker track.
Is about synesthesia, which is where the senses get muddled up. For example, if you were to smell bacon you'd think of a greyish blue colour.

Design – Richard Robinson
Mixed By – Alan Boorman
Producer, Written-By – Fujiya & Miyagi
Recorded By – Julian Tardo
Written-By – Matt Avery (tracks: 6)

1. Ankle Injuries
2. Collarbone
3. Photocopier
4. Conductor 71
5. Transparent Things
6. Sucker Punch
7. In One Ear & Out The Other
8. Cassettesingle
9. Cylinders