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Martin Rushent & Disco Unllimited
"Itchy Hips"

Martin Rushent is one of the UK’s most celebrated and successful veteran record producers with an era defining CV that spanned the Stranglers, The Buzzcocks, Generation X and perhaps most importantly, the Human League. Whilst his greatest commercial success will probably always remain the 6 million selling ‘Dare’, it is probably his work on Dare’s instrumental sister album "Love And Dancing" for which the electronic world owes him the greatest debt.
Whilst Tom Moulton, Larry Levan and co. from the New York disco scene had already established an organic blueprint for the 12” / remix culture that was to define dance music in years to come, and Moroder had blown it all apart with his machine-disco madness out of Italy, Rushents’ 1982 masterpiece of dubbed out, dance floor instrumentals was the UK’s heavyweight contribution to an approach to dance floor dynamics that was to set the tone for the next two decades. Even more impressive when you realize that Love And Dancing was recorded direct from 24 track tape involving months of painstaking edits and tape-cuts.
With the debt that current dance music owes the man, we are honoured to present the debut solo single from a true genius, Martin Rushents Disco-Unlimited Project. Mining a proper disco seam complete with horns, strings and horns, the track also features Rushents trademark driving synths and deep, warm bass. Also included is a trademark Rushent dub mix featuring stripped back vocals, beefed up drums and added FX.
Tirk is the label from the people behind classic 90s imprint Nuphonic. With only 30 releases under their belt, they have already covered a variety of genres, from the electro-funk and disco re-edits of UK dance pioneer Greg Wilson and the nu-Balearica of Sorcerer to the new wave-pop-punk of New Young Pony Club and the critically acclaimed ‘kraut-pop’ of Fujiya & Miyagi. The label appeals to disco purists as much as trendy art-school kids.

Martin Rushent Presents Disco Unlimited
Itchy Hips
A1) Itchy Hips (Original)
A2) Itchy Hips (Accapella)
B) Itchy Hips (Dub Mix)
Remix Martin Rushent @
Written by Martin Rushent, Ceri Rushent & Amy Rushent
Produced by Martin Rushent
Published by Copyright Control

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