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Chaz Jankel
"My Occupation 'The Music Of Chaz Jankel'"

TO WOO LADY KONG (c.jankel
Heathwave Music
Piano, Obx Synth, Guitar, Hammond C.Jankel
Drums by Cecil Roy-Doeman
Congas by Des Morgan
Skank Guitar by Mick Jacques
Recorded at Eastcote studios by Philip Bagenal London mixed by Yamwho
GLAD TO KNOW YOU (i.dury/c.jankel) Warner Chappell music
Heathwave music
Lead Vocal, Piano Hammond Guitar Obx synth add bass by C. Jankel
Bass: Micky Feat Linn drum and Simmonds Pete Van Hooke chorus
Vocals: Tessa Niles, Pepe Lemer Jo Collins Ingrid Mansfield Allman
Recorded at Eastcote studios mixed by Philip Bagenal
(C. Jankel S. Peacock)
Heathwave music / copyright control
Lead Vocal, bvs: Brenda Jones
Guitar, Obx Synth, Linn drum Piano, Bvs: C.Jankel Drums & Steve Ferrone
Recorded at BlankTapes studios New York mixed by Yamwho
3,OOO,OOO SYNTHS(c.jankel p.bagenal)heathwave music
Rhodes OBX synth:C.Jankel
Oberheim program :Chris Warwick
Vocal numerical cues:P.Bagenal
Sean P:Edit
recorded and mixed at eastcote studios by philip bagenal
NUMBER ONE (i.dury c.jankel/n.watt-roy))Warner chappell music
heathwave music
lead vocal:bvs synths guitar:C.Jankel bass:Norman Wattroy Drum
programming:pete Van hooke Soprano:Tessa Niles Recorded by Philip
Bagenal and Zeus B.held mixed with add perc by Michael
Brauer....somewhere in the big apple
ALONE(c.jankel)Heathwave music
Lead vocal:Tramain Hawkins
bass synth chorus:C. Jankel
Chorus:Tessa Niles
Music arrangement trombone:Willie Colon with members of his
orchestra Recorded by bob blank at blank tapes studios additional
production and mix Yamwho
REVE DE CHEVRES(c.jankel p.bagenal)heathwave music
Drums timbales;Charlie Charles
dubbed and mix Philip Bagenal
AI NO CORRIDA(k.young c.jankel)lazylizard music/intersong music ltd heathwave music
lead bvs guitar piano bass oberheim perc wahwah trumpet:Mark Isham
Nagra field recording perc synth program:Chris Warwick Bass solo:Paul
Westwood Drums;Pete Van hooke recorded and mixed at the townhouse by
Mick Glossop
GET MYSELF TOGETHER(c.jankel)famous music publishing
Lead vocal bvs and instruments:C.jankel Additional vocals;Norman
Anderson Recorded and mixed at chaz's place by cj
OH YOU PRETTY THING(c.jankel)heathwave music
Lead vocal guitar synths:C.jankel
drums:Jamie Lane
recorded by Stephen Stanley at Compass Point studios bahamas mix and
add perc YAMWHO
Lead Vocal bvs,obx synth guitar piano steelpan drum:C.Jankel Chorus
vocals:Laura WeymothJanie Roma Drums:Jamie Lane recorded by Stephen
Stanley at Compass Point Studios bahamas Mixed by Yamwho
AM I HONEST WITH MYSELF REALLY?(m.newton carter c.jankel)heathwave music
Lead vocal bvs piano guitar synths perc:C.Jankel Drums:Pete Van hooke
Trumpets synth program:Mark Isham perc:Chris Warwick recorded and
mixed by Philip Bagenal
CALL ME(BONUS DUB)Famous music publishing
Synths drum and string program:C.jankel Sax program:P.Bagenal Sax
Player?God knows Recorded and mixed by Philip Bagenal at Eastcote
Studios All tracks premastered by jeff at Ideal Mastering london

1. To Woo Lady Kong
2. Glad To Know You
3. You're My Occupation
4. 3,000,000 Synths
5. Number One
6. Feel Alone
7. Questionaire [Bagenal Dub]
8. Ai No Corrida
9. Get Myself Together
10. Pretty Thing
11. Without You
12. Am I Honest With Myself [Ray Mang Edit]
13. Call Me [Bonus Dub]