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"The Bees Present: Sound Selection"

The Bees present a new mix album "The Sound Selection".

The latest in Tirk Records' series of compilations curated by some of the finest artists and DJs in contemporary music, is this time brought to you by Mercury nominees The Bees. The compilation includes an exclusive unreleased alternate version of Left Foot Step Down (vocal spliced into dub), from The Bees's third critically acclaimed album, Octopus, plus a brand new exclusive, Papa Echo. This sound selection, named after their legendary DJ team, was chosen, compiled and mixed by the Bees.
The band have consolidated their sound since recording in their very own home-made Steamrooms studio on the Isle of Wight,as heard on 2007's Octopus- "Album of The Year" (the Independent). Here on The Sound Selection are some of the musical gems from The Bees' DJ treasure chest- from the deepest soul to the dirtiest funk, tropicalia, hip hop, folk and reggae, these are the tracks which have influenced the band over time.
Opening with the glorious American gospel soul of the Staple Singers and leading into the ever- unpredictable rap of Quasimoto (Madlib), the Indian west coast pop funk of Red Bone follows, from Bees Aaron picking up the album Potlatch for 25p from an RSPCA charity shop. "I couldn't believe it! It's such a positive record, 'bad news ain't no news at all' sums up the vibe a treat."
With De La Soul's Ego Trippin, we have a playful part party/ part car tune; from Muddy Waters, a raw message on love- says Aaron- "It made this giant of a blues man into a psychedelic preacher, relentlessly threatening you with his electrified axe!"
Skanking roots come from Lee Perry's finger tips on Headquarters- "the cut and paste style of the intro is so ahead of it's time, the 'no, he's busy!' spoken phrase sums up The Bees' studio vibe whilst putting this whole mix together!" There's some sweet and groovy roots reggae in Matumbi's "Chain Gang"; a classic Brazilian feel-good attitude song in "Roda"; and what the band see as "some imagined mind-bending sixties session" in the shape of Dungen.
Fatty FLX (Bees Aaron) brings a bouncy little ditty to the mix, whilst the softly ambient pop and throbbing rhythms of Can's I'm So Green is a particularly lush number. Another high note is the beatifically cosmic I Have Found Love from seminal pioneers of the hypnotic groove and today's experimental electronic music, Silver Apples, the arpeggio synths weaving in and out of stonking primitive drums, while the declaration of lost love glides on a broken harmony.
The Bees' own Papa Echo is, according to the band, a song about family, truth and peace. "We thought this track fitted in with the psychedelic soul sound of this compilation. It's an 'in-between albums' song for us- it may or may not be a taster of where we're going!" Cyril Labonne comes as a gift from Aaron's nan, the 'lemonade song', then there's a slice of '60s pyschedelic acoustic rock in Donovan's There Is A Mountain, with its graceful lyrics- "caterpillar sheds his skin to find the butterfly within", and the cool, sighing sounds of flute, clopping bongos and congas. The blue print for a great song, these slightly bizarre lyrics dance around an infectious folk shanty- warning from The Bees- "Be careful it's extremely contagious!!"
To round things off, there's a surefire dance floor mover from Little Anne, and for the closing track, the warm and intimate blues funk soul of Clarence Reid's gorgeous Nobody But You Babe, a superb version of It's My Thing, with its fanfare intro leading up to one of the most classic funk riffs put down.
And so with this mix, The Bees, like the Can song here, dip their toes into the sea of weirdness just enough, ultimately delivering a mad blend of styles which defines the band’s vibe perfectly; a musically stimulating record which eschews esoterica by inspiring further listens and a deeper delving into the musical archives it envelops.

This sound selection was chosen, compiled and Mixed by the Bees
1) The Staple Singers - Step Aside
Written by P. Staples. (P) 1966 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Licensed courtesy of Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK Ltd
2) Quasimoto – Phony Game
Written by Quasimoto. (P) 2000 Stones Throw Records
Licensed courtesy of Stones Throw Records
3) Redbone - Bad News Ain't No News At All
Written by Lolly Vegas / Pat Vegas / Robert Anthony Bellamy
(P) 1970 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. ISRC: USSM17000599
Licensed courtesy of Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK Ltd
4) De La Soul - Ego Trippin' (Part Two)
Written by D. Jolicouer, K. Mercer, P Houston, V. Mason
(P) 1993 Tommy Boy Records. ISRC: USTB10300009
Licensed courtesy of Warner Music UK Ltd
5) Muddy Waters - I Just Wanna To Make Love To You
Written by Willie Dixon. Bug Music / Hoochie Coochie Music
Produced by Leonard & Phil Chess. (P) 1954 Geffen Records. Licensed
courtesy of Universal
6) Dilinger - Headquarters
Written by L Perry. Published by New Town Sound
(P) 2000 Trojan Records. Licensed courtesy of Universal
7) Matumbi – Chain Gang
Written by Matumbi. A Dennis Bovell - 'Enchanter' – Production.
Published by Copyright Control.
Licensed courtesy of Dennis Bovell & Simon Long
8) The Bees - Left Foot Stepdown
Written by the The Bees: (P) 2006 Virgin Records Ltd
ISRC: GBAAA0600792. Produced & Mixed by Paul Butler
Licensed courtesy of EMI Commercial Markets
9) Elis – Roda
Written by João Augusto & Gilberto Gil. Published by Gege Edições
(Brasil E América Do Sul)/Preta Music (Resto Do Mundo) BMG Music
ISRC: BR-MCA-66-00163.
(P) 1966 Universal Music Ltd. Licensed courtesy of Universal
10) Dungen - Jamma Plagor
Written by Gustav Ejstes. Published by Sony/ATV Music Scandinavia
Licenced from Subliminal Sounds,
11) Fatty Flx – Original Ghosts
Written by Aaron Fletcher . Copyright control.
Licensed courtesy of the Bees.
12) Can – I'm So Green
Written by Can. (P) Spoon Records
Licensed courtesy of Spoon Records
13) Silver Apples - I Have Known Love
Music by Simeon. Lyrics by Eileen Lewellen. Produced by The Magic
Theatre Partnership. (P) 1968 UMG Recordings, Inc. ISRC: USMC16811464
Licensed courtesy of Universal
14) The Bees – Papa Echo
Written by the Bees . Published by Copyright control.
Licensed courtesy of the Bees.
15) Cyril Labonne – Aloud Limonade
Published by Copyright Control
Licensed from Sunset
16) Donovan - There Is A Mountain
Written by Donovan Leitch. Published by Donovan Music Ltd (MCPS)
(P) 1967 EMI Records Ltd. ISRC: GBAYE6700499
Licensed courtesy of EMI Commercial Markets
17) Little Ann – Going Down A One Way Street
Written by D Hamilton, D Bell, W Garrett & J Jackson.
Licensed courtesy of Ace Records
18) Clarence Reid – Nobody But You Babe
Written by Reid / Clarke. Produced Brad Shapiro and Steve Alalmo.
Published by EMI Music Publishing
Licensed courtesy of Warner Music UK Ltd
(C) 2008 Tirk Recordings
Artwork by Tim Watkins
Tirk Recordings
The Bees

1. The Staple Singers - Step Aside
2. Quasimoto - Phony Game
3. Redbone - Bad News Ain't No News At All
4. De La Soul - Ego Trippin' [Part 2]
5. Muddy Waters - I Just Wanna Make Love To You
6. Dillinger - Headquarters
7. Matumbi - Chain Gang
8. The Bees - Left Foot Stepdown
9. Elis - Roda
10. Dungen - Jamma Plagor
11. Fatty Flx - Original Ghosts
12. Can - I'm So Green
13. Silver Apples - I Have Known Love
14. The Bees - Papa Echo
15. Cyril Labonne - Alouda Limonade
16. Donovan - There Is A Mountain
17. Little Ann - Going Down A One Way Street
18. Clarence Reid - Nobody But You Babe