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Morten Sorensen
"Start Something EP"

Morten is from a small Norwegian fishing village - he's 22 - his Dad probably spent many years in New York and the records that he brought back encouraged in Morten a love of American house and disco - the rest of his sonic pallette comes from his surroundings.........he has no plans to DJ or tour but he makes bloody nice music. We are really proud to be putting out his debut EP - We think we met him at a gig in Oslo, He gave us a demo on a cassette tape, but the details are a little sketchy....

Morten Sorensen 'Start Something EP'
1. Start Something (6:45)
2. Visage (6:12)
3. Cyclick (7:43)
4. Woo Hoo (6:13) (Download only)
Track 1 is based upon "I Feel Your Love Comin' On" by Chic. Written by Rodgers / Edwards published by Sony ATV and Warner Chappell.
Vocals on Track 1 by Nathalie Williams and Ladonna.
Track 2-4 Written and Produced by Morten Sorensen.
Published by Warner Chappell.
P+C 2008 Tirk Recordings

1. Start Something
2. Cyclick
3. Visage
4. Woo Hoo