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The Unabombers (aka Luke Cowdrey and Justin Crawford) have teamed up with leading underground label Tirk recordings to release the 3rd and final volume in their 'Electric Chair' compilation series celebrating 13 years of music and the end of their legendary Manchester club 'Electric Chair'.

The celebrated night which became part of clubbing folklore and finally closed its doors in January this year had an energy and passion that was unrivalled, drawing comparisons to seminal clubs like The Loft, Body & Soul and The Hacienda. Throughout its 13 year history 'Electric Chair' became the worst kept secret in clubland, a night that broke all the rules and consistently played host to some of the biggest DJ's in the world, including Laurent Garnier, Joe Claussell, Francois Kevorkian, Carl Craig, Danny Krivit, Greg Wilson and Andrew Weatherall.

It's been a tough job but after months of consideration and some serious crate-digging the Unabombers have managed to pick the biggest and best tracks from over the years to compile a truly eclectic musical collection. Delving into a mystic brew of house, disco, broken beat, philly, latin, techno and northern sulphuric soul, they have emerged with 'Electric Chair - Saved My Life' - an album of musical dynamite, featuring artists as diverse as Roy Davis Jnr, ESG, Faze Action, Isolee & Daniel Wang. The double CD is packed full of seminal records that reflect the energy and soul of the legendary party sessions and is a complete journey through soulful dance music's last three decades. Every cut is simply killer.

As a taster for the forthcoming compilation the Unabombers will also initially release a limited edition EP, 'Rest In Peace EP', which features their own re-working of the Joubert singers classic 'Stand On The Word'. Buried in the vaults for over 30 years the boys have finally got their hands on this little gem, and are now re-releasing it with their own dancefloor friendly re-edits.

The Unabombers latest compilation will be the fourth in the highly successful 'Electric Chair' series, which includes the much loved 'Saturday Night, Sunday Morning', and 'Basement Soul Music' . For the legions of devoted fans who have grown up and grown old with 'Electric Chair' this final detonation will provide the perfect legacy for the legendary Manchester club night that woke people up and blew a hole in musical apathy and mediocre attitudes for over a decade!

The party may be over... but the music just keeps on playing...

(C) 2009 Tirk Recordings
(P) 2009 Tirk Recordings