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With much anticipated new Architeq material due in the New Year, we've unleashed a small and determined band of electronic renegades of various hues and shades on Architeqs Tirk debut EP, Birds of Prey.

First up was the man who is Kelpe, known for his adventures into hip-hop, electronica and folk on DC Recordings, and ready to take on title track 'Birds Of Prey' making it his own with waves of oceanic reverb, moogy filters bubbling up away and swirling around an infectious, moody groove.

The magnificently monikered James Pants is from Spokane, Washington.and made a name for himself with the release of his musically schizophrenic debut album 'Welcome' on Peanut Butter Wolf's legendary Stonesthrow imprint. His style is impossible to pin-down; synth-laden boogie sits shoulder-to-shoulder with 60's psych-rock, electro and disco. James took his ever-unpredictable approach to the track 'Sleeping Bear Lament' transforming it into a slow, heavy, electronic soul, shredding dancefloor-shaker bursting with analogue disco juice from every pore.

Parisian MPC beat monster Fulgeance has released 2 EP's on the young but essential Musique Large label. His music bursts at the seams with his larger-than-life personality on every single beat. Blending French electro made notorious by likes of Daft Punk and the lazy instrumental Detroit hiphop styles of J-Dilla and Dabrye to create his own style he has dubbed 'Low Club'. His remix of 'Birds of Prey' is no exception to this, its crazy.

From Paris (via Partick, Glasgow) Debruit released his debut album 'To Nartik Kef' himself which earned his place on the Musique Large label alongside fellow Parisian Fulgeance. Since then he has released the 'Coupé DéCalé' mini-LP, which combined the bounce of B-more and dancehall with the swagger of the beat world. After uploading a video of him playing the remix out at one of his explosive live-shows, he has since been bombarded with requests for it-and you can hear why! This man knows how to please a dance floor.

Jackhigh, otherwise known as Bnjmn, otherwise known as 141, otherwise known as Ben Thomas is a well-known but elusive self-professed 'non-musician', but extremely talented producer. Shifting between the crunchy John Carpenter-esque beat wanderings of his Jackhigh persona (known from the UpMyAlley Beatniks 12 inch series that have already gained cult status), the unique textural disco sound of Bnjmn and his side-project with L.A producer Teebs have all earned him air-play from Benji B, Giles Peterson and Flying Lotus on his BBC essential mix. His take on 'Birds Of Prey' brings all of his personalities together in this luscious, synth-driven track. Look out for this guy in 2009.

Written & Produced by Sam Annand
Drums & Percussion by Scott Donald and Jerome Tcherneyan
Recorded & Mixed at The Praqtice, Sound Solution, Seagate and Riptide Studios by Sam Annand
A1 Remix & additional production by Kel Mckeown (courtesy of DC Recordings)
A2 Remixed by Fulgeance (courtesy of Musique Large)
A3 Remixed by Debruit (courtesy of Musique Large)
AA1 Remixed by James Pants (courtesy of Stonesthrow Records)
AA2 Dub Mix/Tape Effects by Sam Annand, Drums Re-played by Scott Donald, Percussion Re-played by Jerome Tchernyan.
Published By Dharma Songs
(C) 2009 Tirk Recordings
(P) 2009 Tirk Recordings