A) Children Of The Sun
AA) Zeitghost
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We didn't even know that Richard Norris was part of legendary UK acid house bods Jack the Tab alongside Genesis P Orridge, or that his partner in Goldstar was called ...Richard Norris, or that he'd produced a Joe Strummer single.

We did know he'd co-made one of our favourite slow London Balearic tunes from '90 as the Grid (Floatation), and of course that as half of Beyond the Wizards Sleeve with Erol Alkan he was half responsible for kick-starting what we'll sure will be another interesting chapter in the endless tale of post '88 underground musical sub genres.

We like the prefix "psych" in front of things - folk, pop, rock - but we're not sure what to put it in front of when it comes to the The Time and Space Machine, Norris's new solo project - dance? disco? funk?

Whatever, we feel kind of privileged to be playing label home to TT&SM original material, and this first release, a double A side 7 Inch.

"Children Of The Sun" opens up with a driving snares, twangy bass and floaty organs before the vocals drift in with 60's tinged multipart harmonies. On the other side "Zeitghost" keeps things up tempo but with lashings of psych fuzz guitar, more organ (of course) and tasteful smatterings of modern synth and samples.

Stayed tuned for more happenings in the world of TT&SM. A few gigs with a cracking live band and a long player on Tirk penciled in for later in the year.

Produced by The Time and Space Machine
Written by R. Norris
Published by Copyright Control
(C) 2009 Tirk Recordings
(P) 2009 Tirk Recordings