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Whilst a certain Parisian electronic duo were still (probably impossibly chic) toddlers, French duo/production Space had worked out that making lots of hooky synth disco and wearing Space suits in public at all times were a potent pop combination, one that enabled them to sell 12 million records across 5 albums from 1977-81, before imploding in the time honoured fashion of lawsuits and bitter recrimination all round.

Fast forward nearly 3 decades ,and the story behind how us here at Tirk happened to get our mits on the Space catalogue is one too long and weird to tell here, so suffice to say this is a quality remix package of what was surely Space’s finest moment: the sultry, French answer to I Feel Love, "Carry on Turn Me On", an erotically charged, 7 minute disco – funk odyssey in a remastered format.

First up to the remix plate, Richard Norris takes off his Time and Space hat for a minute and rolls out a groovy, organic flavoured update, keeping the feel of the original but adding crisp, current floor friendly dynamics to proceedings.

The ever brilliant AN2 employs his sumptuous, glossy electronic sheen to mesmerising effect, whilst Tirk’s inhouse star Architeq strips it down to the bare funk bones whilst taking the song on a subtley gwonked out trademark detour. Bottin provides the final remix doing things in the style that only an Italian could do.

Written By Didier Marouani
Produced by Jean-Philippe Iliesco Grimaldi
Recorded at Studios Sidney Bechet
Original Re-mastered by Gábor Deutsch / Anorganik
Published by Bastien Songs/ Dharma Songs

(C) 2009 Tirk Recordings
(P) 2009 Nang Records