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It's nearly summertime and Californian based Sorcerer (AKA Dan Judd) is sailing back into Tirk waters. Dan arrives in his yacht.... Its sunny, there is an ice cold beverage by the wheel and his guitar is in hand. Yes folks, welcome to the second Sorcerer album 'Neon Leon'

Back in summer 2007 Sorcerers first album 'White Magic' gently nestled itself into the Balearic listening album / soundtrack-to-summer slot for quite a few people. It's 2009 and summer is nearly upon us again and it's time for the second chapter.

All the tracks have that element of summer we all expect. Things open up with the guitar driven 'Algorhytm', sundrenched jazz chords mix with subtle synths and groovy drum programming. Tracks like 'Ride The Serpent' & 'Distort Yourself' take things in a more sultry and Slo-mo disco direction.

Cut such 'Chemise' & 'Face It' notch up the tempo and merges west coast LA 80's style production sheen with 2009 laid back disco. The groovy 'Raydio' adds a rare Sorcerer vocal to the proceedings.

11 tracks brimming with sun; 'Neon Leon', Catchy, chilled and one for those long summer nights.

Written and Produced by Daniel Judd
Published by Airbrush Dragon (ASCAP)
Mastered by Eugene @ Retreat Media
(C) 2009 Tirk Recordings
(P) 2009 Tirk Recordings