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Nu Disco masters TIRK enlist Djs in the Sky to serve up a welcome lesson in the ways of the Zen Disco. Starring current practitioners of the form such as Bottin, Time and Space Machine, Architeq and DFA’s Woolfy alongside classics from Cruising Gang and Space, this mix drifts through chugging, slo mo electronics and atmospheric ambience to glistening Italo and warm, deep disco, whilst never losing sight of it’s Zen mission. One for Dharma Bums everywhere.

Proceedings get underway with the rich chords of Architeq’s mix of Cruising Gangs' seminal 'Chinatown', which builds steadily into a quietly epic 303 and pads odyssey. Newcomers Marybeya join the fray, with the chugging, widescreen Balearic soundscapes of 'Non Reciprocle'.

Highlight's of West Coast electronic pioneer Sorcerer's recent 'Neon Leon' album, the spacey, bumping 'Raydio', mixes tightly into Architeq' Mind Games', a rare vocal outing from him featuring none other than Ilja Rudman on mike duties.

Spaces' seminal 'Carry On , Turn me On' is here in it’s revamped Richard Norris version, retaining the simmering eroticism of the original whilst adding a layer of ethereal warmth. Woolfy’s 'Neeve' works an otherworldly vocal snatch around a tribal, funked out drum groove.

Altz 'Orympia Rocks' takes things smoothly leftwards with twangy guitars and playful riffs, before the beats stop, and Richard Norris aka Time and Space Machine returns with a 4 minute, beatless interlude of swirling, portentous psyche-folk infused atmospherics designed to cleanse the audio palette.

The rhythms return with Son of Sounds’ NY art –funk floor filler 'Life Under Bridges', and the classic sounding 'It’s Disco' from Soiree (Steve Kotey and Max Essa).

You don’t hear too many Russian songs on the dancefloor, but Foto's mix of D Pulses' 'More' has managed just that, as an Aeroplane set favourite last year, and this runs deftly into the pulsing, shiny electronic disco of Acos Coolcas' 'Free Flight' (Ichisan Remix).

Bottins' now seminal sounding 'No Static' sets things up for an fizzing finale, and it's Acos Coolcas that brings things to a timely close with his shimmering, crystalline reworking of Spaces’ long forgotten 'Flying Nightmare'

1) Cruisin’ Gang - Chinatown (Architeq Acid Mix)
Written By Dino Melotti, Ennio Tricomi, Enzo Vallicelli & Romano Trevisani
Vocals by Laura Fadinger. Mixed By Ennio Manuel. Produced by Cruisin' Records. Published by Copyright Control
(P) 2009 Nang Records

02) Marbeya Sound - Non Reciprocal
Written and Produced by Abraham Dichi & Alan Rabchinsky
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) 2010 TIRK

03) Sorcerer – Raydio
Written and Produced by Daniel Judd
Published by Dharma Songs / Airbrush Dragon
(P) 2009 TIRK

04) Architeq ft Ilija Rudman - Mind Games
Written by Sam Annand and Ilija Rudman. Produced by Sam Annand
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) 2009 TIRK
05) Space - Carry On, Turn Me On (The Time And Space Machine Remix)
Written by Didier Marouani. Produced by JP Iliesco
Published by Bastien Music / Dharma Songs. Licenced exclusively to Nang Records from Interglobtrans. (P) 1977

06) Woolfy Vs Projections - Neeve (Permanent Vacation Tropical Heat Mix)
Written & Produced by D. Hastie & S. James. Vocals By Woolfy
Published by LoaRhythm Publ (ASCAP)
(P) 2009 Permanent Vacation

07) Altz - Orympia Rocks
Written and Produced by Altz
Published by Copyright Control
(P) 2007 Bearfunk

08) The Time And Space Machine – Trip Sideways
Written and Produced by Richard Norris
Published by Copyright Control
(P) 2010 TIRK

09) Son Of Sound - Life Under Bridges
Written & Produced by Henry Maldonado for The Rhythm Section INC.
Published By Dharma Songs
(P) 2009 TIRK Recordings

10) Soirée - It's Disco
Written and Produced by Stevie Kotey & Max Bruce
Published by Dharma Songs / Air State
(P) 2009 Bearfunk

11) D-Pulse – More (Foto Remix)
Written and Produced by Klim Suhanov, Anton Kochnev, Semen Perevoshikov, Pavel Shoutov. More originally performed by Dsh-Dsh! Lyrics by Zhenya Borzyh.
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) 2009 Nang Records

12) Acos Coolkas – Free Flight (Ichisan Remix)
Written & Produced by Konstantin Atomas & Vasiliy Basalaev.
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) Nang Records 2009

13) Bottin - No Static
Written and Produced by Bottin
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) 2009 Bearfunk

14) Space - Flying Nightmare (Acos Coolkas Remix)
Written by Didier Marouani. Produced by JP Iliesco
Published by Bastien Music / Dharma Songs. Licenced exclusively to Nang Records from Interglobtrans. (P) 1977
15) The Love Supreme – Sugar (Social Disco Club Remix)
Written by R. Cannizzo, B. Falappa, N. Demaria, L. Saponaro & Benjamin James Smith
Produced and Mixed by The Love Supreme. Recorded at ESP Studio, Milan, Italy.
Published by Dharma Songs / Copyright Control
(P) 2009 TIRK
Mixed by DJs In The Sky