TIRK054 - Greg Wilson - Credit To The Edit vol 2 Sampler

A1) Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug
A2) Escort - Starlight
B1) A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
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Four years on and Greg Wilson finally finds time to complete this long-overdue sequel to his scene defining 2005 compilation. The current underground "Disco" scene, within which the re-edit plays a central role, is no longer purely the domain of an older audience who've delved back into what came before, having grown tired of the existing 4/4 formula that has dominated since the Rave explosion of the late 80's. Nowadays it's increasingly becoming the dance music of choice for a vibrant younger crowd who weren't born when many of the records played were originally released.

With this limited edition vinyl, we have taken three of the choicest cuts from the Mix CD and present them in their singular vinyl glory.

An so Greg takes his (now digital!) scalpel to Roxy Music's timeless "Love is the Drug". This 70's classic has had two minutes of floor friendly funk to the original 7" version, more dancefloor and a fine way to open up the 12".

NYC resident Dan Balis (One half of TIRK034s' Arcade Lover) is a firm favourite here at TIRK towers. Here in his Escort collective guise we have "Starlight" which gets stripped back to a groove and a sweet vocal hook.

One Guy Called Gerald met with up Greg on the Manchester party circuit some way back and when our man called up to give his classic the Greg treatment he was only too pleased. The result a stretched "Voodoo Ray" which appears as 9 minute hypno edit on a whole side of vinyl to itself.

The Mix CD "Credit To The Edit 2" is out soon on TIRK. It features these 3 classics another 9 Greg versions.

A1) Written by Bryan Ferry and Andy Mackay
Produced by Chris Thomas and Roxy Music
Published by Universal Music Publishing
Licenced courtesy of EMI

A2) Written and Produced by Dan Balis, Eugene Cho and Darius Maghen
Published by Bird Of Prey Publishing (ASCAP)
Licenced courtesy of Escort Records

B1) Written by A Guy Called Gerald
Produced by Chapter, Engineered by Lee Monteverde
Published by Copyright Control
Licenced courtesy of A Guy Called Gerald
(C) 2009 TIRK Recordings