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Only in the melting pot that is NYC, can a duo with such diverse musical backgrounds come together and create an upbeat blend of funky and electric disco mixed with elements of latin soul. The duo that comprises Drrtyhaze are a perfect mismatch in so many ways.

Growing up, Matthew "DJ Drilla" Moffre grabbed the guitar at the early age of 13. His favorite past times were moshing to hardcore and punk music and skateboarding. His counterpart, Douglas "Drrty" Gomez rocked fat laced pumas, lee jeans and beat bopped to the sounds of Run DMC. Both of these cats grew up in different worlds...it was these differences that eventually brought them together.

As time moved on in both Matthew and Doug¹s world, they both became very passionate about dj¹ing. Douglas in the eighties and Matthew almost a decade later. Influenced by the deep, soulful and jackin¹ sounds of New York City and Chicago House Music, Matthew and Douglas found a communion in the underground clubs of New York City where they ultimately met. This led to honing their turntable skills with blends of funk, disco, house, soul, reggae and hip hop. If there's one thing for sure, almost 30 yrs dj'ing combined and an extensive record collection, these boys share an equal pride in their DJ abilities.

Douglas has 10 yrs experience in the music industry as an A&R and promotions manager for two dance labels in NYC. Douglas is a veteran with the knowledge and hustle, working with top producers and labels from around the globe; he knows what it takes to be on the forefront of music. Matthew Moffre has spent the last ten years building his audio engineering skills and teaching himself almost every piece of software and hardware used for musical composition. Most recently, Matthew went back to school for audio engineering learning about large pro frame consoles, microphone techniques and post production engineering. He graduated first in his class with top honors and some funky new skills to bring to the studio.

Wanting more from the music they loved, they now both share an equal pride and passion in creating funky disco tunes that make you wanna shake your ass. These two halves, like ying and yang, complete a major production force. With no sign of slowing down, Drrtyhaze will continue to make their mark on this world utilizing the frequencies that exist between 20hz and 20Khz.

Releases: TIRK025: Drrtyhaze : Beat To Def EP
TIRK043: Various Artists : TIRK02
TIRK044: Drrtyhaze : Superhigh
TIRK065: Various Artists : TIRK03
Tracks: Drrtyhaze : Drrtyhaze Groove (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : Nueva York (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : We See Everything (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : Lazer Sex (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : Superhigh (Ilya Santana Mix) (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : Superhigh (Play It Loud Original) (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : Smazey Funk (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : Superhigh (DJ Enne Remix) (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : Superhigh (Son Of Sound Remix) (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : Superhigh (Play It Loud Instrumental) (Buy Download)
Drrtyhaze : Superhigh (Ilya Santana Remix) (Buy Download)