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D-Pulse is an electronic band originally from Izhevsk City and now based in Saint-Petersburg. For the past few years D-Pulse has released their music on established labels as Island, Tirk, OM, Theomatic and Teardrop.

Influenced by the French and Scandinavian electronic music scenes, they found their own approach mixing vastly different genres and experimenting with combining live recording sessions full of analogue synthesizers, guitars, drum machines with sampling, cutting and processing their own material.

D-Pulse is a mesh of different styles and individual music tastes but their music comes to live during their live shows.

Releases: TIRK043: Various Artists : TIRK02
TIRK053: Various Artists : Zen And The Art Of Disco Maintenance Chapter 1
Tracks: D-Pulse : Highway To Saturn (Buy Download)
D-Pulse : More (Foto Remix)