"Love Honey"

Sugardaddy is the underground alias of Tom Findlay; Producer, DJ and one half of million selling dance act Groove Armada

Sugardaddy is the underground alias of Tom Findlay; Producer, DJ and one half of million selling dance act Groove Armada. In collaboration with his close friend Tim Hutton, a multi-talented musician and producer in his own right, Sugardaddy is an outlet for less commercial, more club-orientated outings.
The pair's first release for Tirk, 'Love Honey', is an irreverent, disco dancin' cut up. Built from elements of Man Friday's Paradise Garage cult classic, 'Love Honey, Love Heartache' this is a simple, sample heavy, house hit, purpose built for those 3am moments. Sugardaddy's updated version pay's homage to the Larry Levan mix, probably the most famous mix, taking it's vocal and looping it over some up to the minute electronic beats and pieces.
Comin' in 3 perfectly formed mixes - Electro, Acid & Funk -this is a straight up, no messin', party record, succinctly described by Mixmag as, "A funk packed ride with a hypnotic vocal this is a truly wicked piece of extremely trippy dub-disco".
The mixes do exactly what they say they on the tin.....
The Electro mix is electro, but in the original, quirky sense. Stark, off kilter, electronic beats clash with a clipped, stripped take on the original vocal. Together they produce an eerie, dubbed out take on house. This is repetitive, electronic, disco music at its slo-mo, tripped out best.
The second mix, the Acid Mix, harks back to the late eighties, when all that was needed was a beat, a 303 and dark, strobelit room. Acid lines building and falling, again and again and again and again.....
The final mix, the Funk Mix, is perhaps the closest to the Groove Armada sound. This is a guitar and bass, funk-infused ride, with the original's disco chant overlaid over some classic house drumsounds.
Tested straight from the desk to the decks, and on to the dancefloor, 'Love Honey' has been road tested by the Groove Armada Soundsytem to blistering effect, most recently being played as the reprise to their set to 20,000+ people at GA's Lovebox Weekender Festival. It also tore up the floor at the recent Tirk party at Fabric.

Written by Mann Friday.
Produced by Tom Findlay & Tim Hutton.
(P) & (C) 2005 Tirk

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