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Son Of Sound
"No Retribution EP"

Son Of Sound aka Henry Maldonado makes his Tirk debut

Son Of Sound aka Henry Maldonado has been a fixture on his Native NY house scene since his first Strictly release way back in 1992, releasing on Henry Street, Emotive and Cutting amongst others. So it's no surprise to find Big Apple funk running strong through this, his Tirk debut ...
'Life Under Bridges' kicks off another wholesome EP for us at Tirk Towers. The track doesn't slouch on the percussion front while we're at it, providing a rolling groovebed for piano chords, hypno riffs and another cool little Nu Yorican style vocal to complete that magical "Prince Street 1975" feel.
'No Retribution' starts out with some effected, looped up sax riff, and is soon joined by a snake-assed bassline that wraps itself around the strutting rhythms and hi-life guitar, before the Tom Tom club style vocal hook turns up and we've got a full on NY -- art funk party going on.
'El Malo' starts all drummy, and then stays that way, adding layers of percussion and atmosphere to create a mesmeric slow burner with a spacey, delayed up riff drifting in and a fat bassline pinning it all to the floor ...

Written and Produced by Henry Maldonado for The Rhythm Section INC.
Rhythm Section Music / ASCAP.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2009 Tirk Recordings

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