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"Gold + Green"

Architeq releases his debut album.

Young, London based Scotsman Architeq (AKA Sam Annand) has made a lot of noise without actually releasing a lot of material since his debut 'Birds Of Prey' EP on Tirk early last year. The odd well chosen remix aside, he's been burying himself in the studio making his debut album, while around him a slow, organic transatlantic buzz has building as the blogs and download sites quietly people towards his unique brand of dubby, swingy, electronic funk.
Gold + Green is that debut album and already a firm favourite at Tirk HQ. 'Birds Of Prey' is of course included in all it's shimmering, glitched out glory. 'Into The Cosmos' also dips it's toes into dubby waters, again with the crunchy off-beat drums, lush soulful strings and burbling soundscapes.
Things get vocal with the laid back sweet soul vocals of Junior Williams (vocalist from Sunharbour) in 'Nothing', before Hungarian producer Ilija Rudman surprises us all with a fine vocal contribution to the twisted synth-driven 'Mind Games'.
'Krakatoa' mines the organic instrumentation seam that flows through the album, featuring a finely honed chamber string section and subtle clarinet, an instrument that also drifts into view on the down-tempo 'Odyssey'.
'Bird of Dub' and 'Babylon' take the spacey effects further, weaving in and out of a silky smooth, electro bass line, with the Dub factor gain to the fore.

Written & Produced by Sam Annand.
Drums on Tracks 4, 5, 12, 13, 14 by Scott Donald.
Drums & Percussion on Tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 & 10 by Jerome Tcherneyan.
Saxophone on "Babylon" and Clarinet on "Krakatoa" & "Odyssey" by Etmo.
ARP/Roland/Moog/Sequential Circuits Synthesizers, Tape FX, Upright Piano, Fender Rhodes, Guitar + Bass by Sam Annand.
Strings on Krakatoa arranged by Nichola Blakey & Carina Drury.
Performed by Nichola Blakey (Viola), Carina Drury (Cello) Lucy Cooke (Violin) & Lara Viskovich (Violin) .
Lyrics & Vocals on "Spinning Plates" by Angele David Gillou.
Lyrics, Vocals & Co-Production on "Mind Games" by Ilija Rudman.
Lyrics & Vocals on "Humane" by Junior Williams.
Tracked & Edited at Sound Solution Studios London & The Praqtice. Birds Of Prey Tracked at: Riptide Studios, Dundee. Into The Cosmos, Dark Matter, Version (Birds Of Dub) Tracked At: Seagate Studios, Dundee.
Mastered by: Eugene Rasini.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2009 Tirk Recordings

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