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The Love Supreme
"New Millennium Freaks"

Its been a 3 year love affair between Tirk and the 4-piece... The Love Supreme long-player is here.

Its been a 3 year love affair between Tirk and the 4-piece, Milan-based, Sonic-experimentalist, Krautrock-inspired, Muso-heads The Love Supreme. After three well received Tirk 12" releases, a ton of gigs and an A&R email stream to reach the moon and back... The Love Supreme long-player is here.
The band pool their influences from many sources... early Italian electronic pioneers such as Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna (father of the Italian slant on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the Studio Di Fonologia Musicale), Krautrock and their unfeasibly large & varied, vinyl record collection. The bands method of composition comes with a sonic-laboratory ethos with equal measures of real instruments and vintage 'electroacoustic' synthesizer. This can be seen on the pulsating opener "Elsewhere Once More", the workman-like, arrpegiated "Tiefferre" and the robo-tin-can musings of "Alles Liebe". The early 1970's, Krautrock pioneers Faust, Can and Amon Duul II and the sounds of the Tangerine Dream 'pink years' period also weave their fabric through the motorik tracks such as "Boy", "Rocquet" and "The Parrot".
All compass points don't necessarily lead to Deutschland though. The production retains an Italian polish throughout and the albums peppier tracks hark back to early 1980's New York and things CBGBs. "Gold Dust" and the highly accessible "Waiting For The Love" feature vocals from UK-based Ben Smith (Fug, Nuphonic) and grooves and arrangements that wouldn't be amiss on an early Blondie album. Recent single "Sugar" features a foot-stomping single note bass, underpinning Talking Heads rhythms and synthesizers. Ben's staccato, punchy, on-the-beat vocal just adding just enough flavor as to not interfere with the groove.
Just to tip the scale or art-school sensibilities, the album proceedings round-off with a cover of Bauhaus classic "Bela Lugosi's Dead". NYC Vocalist "Lord" does a fine job of capturing the spirit of Peter Murphy and fronting The Love Supreme electro-ching backing.
For those with time on their hands may we slyly suggest obtaining; 1) a garage full of old analog synth components, b) a bearded music-professor and c) a copy Julian Copes Krautrocksampler book. For those who like to dig less deep, "New Millennium Freaks" might just be right up your alley.

2,3,6 Written by R. Cannizzo, B. Falappa, N. Demaria, L. Saponaro & Benjamin James Smith.
1,4,5,7,8,9,10,11 Written By: R. Cannizzo, N. Demaria, L. Saponaro.
10 Written by Daniel Ash, David John Askins, Keith Haskins & Peter Murphy.
Produced and Mixed by Love Supreme. Recorded at ESP Studio, Milan, Italy.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2009 Tirk

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