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Tim, Chad & Sherry
"Rocket Tonight"

In support of their debut album release Tim Chad & Sherry release 'Rocket Tonight', with two exclusive unheard B-sides.

In support of their debut album release on Tirk and forthcoming visit to the UK to appear on BBC 6 Music's Marc Riley show, Tim Chad & Sherry are set to release a digital single with 'Rocket Tonight', plus two exclusive unheard B-sides called This Could Be Our Song' and 'Now That's Love'.
Tim, Chad & Sherry's music is an oddly compelling mix of slinky, raucous rock, feet-dragging Dadaist grooves and uplifting melodious soul accentuated with electronics and subtle motorik drum-machine rhythms. In describing their sound, the band says it best: "PSYCH DANCE. If Steely Dan, The Flaming Lips and R Kelly had a love child, you'd have Tim Chad and Sherry."
'Rocket Tonight' is all subtle RnB flavours emanating through the vocal harmonies, suspended before the guitar and keys solos peel away into a noisy, harmonic crescendo. 'This could be Out Song' is a woozy alt-ballad, part Beach Boys part Beck with twinkly slide guitar and heaps of warm low end fuzz. Sublime. To finish, 'Now That's Love' delivers a melancholic punch. Diverse textures flood the ears to create an intricate patchwork of wierdo sounds and twisted grooves.

Produced and Recorded by Loney John Hutchins and Brian Kotzur
All songs written by Brian Kotzur Published by Dharma Songs / Meltdown Music
Brian Kotzur: vocals, drums & perc, keys, guitar, bass. sounds
Loney John Hutchins: vocals, keys, guitar, bass, sounds
Zack Wilson: bass
Tony Crow: keys
William Tyler: guitar
Pete Cummings: guitar
(P) & (C) 2013 Tirk

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