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"All Of This Happened"

A beautiful pop menagerie, fusing electronic rhythms, driven guitar tones, soaring guest vocals and eclectic harmonies.

Pocket is the snappy moniker of NYC based Richard Jankovich, the principal creative mind behind the NY based electro-pop band Burnside Project and a seasoned remixer (Beck, Radiohead, Kristin Hersh, Of Montreal, Elk City, Joanna Newsom and many others).
We're ecstatic to be presenting his debut LP on Tirk. It's a beautiful pop menagerie, fusing electronic rhythms, driven guitar tones, soaring guest vocals and sumptuously eclectic harmonies.
It kicks off with Someone To Run Away From, featuring Craig Wedren of Shudder To Think. One minute in and you're instantly fulfilled with all the above. His previous single 'Hear In Noiseville feat. Steve Kilbey' follows, and we're reminded of the quirky playfulness of one of our favourite 12's from 2011.
Up next it's Jars Of Fireflys featuring Throwing Muses' Tanya Donelly on vocals. A wisp of guitar effects and building electronic beats lead into this skewed pop track, enveloped in rhythmic textures. It's as full-bodied as they come. Menomena's Danny Seim steps up to lead the pack next in Backwards From Ten. It's a powerhouse effort thanks to his rasping tones creating tension and release in this stylish bit of work.
Surround Him With Love featuring Robyn Hitchcock begins with a mysterious tribal bongo rhythm before delving into another strong male led track. Hitchcock's vocal stirs deep twilight memories with this one. Beautiful Gray featuring punk legend Dave Smalley is an altogether more upbeat affair. Crunchy 4x4 beats and unwieldy synth & guitar flourishes create a fluxing atmosphere for Smalley's lyrics to chant and untwine in.
The Way You Love Someone featuring ex-The Lotus Eaters' Peter Coyle reverts the album back to its darker recess. The emotive output from Coyle moves in humbling tones over the mechanical beats and melodic phrases. Delicious! Up next, Yuki Chikudate of Asobi Seksu brings her sensuous ear for melody to the track Sambo. Disco, shoegaze and 60's girl group nuances radiate lovingly from this unique slice of pop.
Mark Burgess of post-punk hero's The Chameleons features on A Force Of Nature, delivering a gritty, raw and thoroughly modern pop song. It's easily one of the most vibrant extroverted recordings on the album. Sal Principato, know for his extraordinary work with Liquid Liquid in the 80's and beyond guests on the penultimate track, titled Echo And Sway. There are some serious dancefloor tendencies afoot here, with Sal's elastic vocal adding splashes of colour to the already dynamic mix.
The final act falls to an 'orchestral reprise' of the opener Someone To Run Away From and what a delight it is.

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Pocket.
Pocket is Richard Jankovich.
Mastered by Eugene Rasini @ Retreat Media.
Artwork by: Andrew Neuhues and Skyrocket Studio.
1) Someone To Run Away From - Feat Craig Wedren
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Craig Wedren (BMI)
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), Melt Listen Music (BMI)
2) Hear In Noiseville - Feat Steve Kilbey
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Steve Kilbey
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), Peer Music (BMI)
3) Jars Of Fireflies - Feat Tanya Donelly
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Tanya Donelly (BMI)
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), Slow Dog Music (BMI)
4) Backwards From Ten - Feat Danny Seim
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Danny Seim (ASCAP)
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), MUUUHAHAHA! LLC (ASCAP)
5) Surround Him With Love - Feat Robyn Hitchcock
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Robyn Hitchcock
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), Bug Music (PRS)
6) Beautiful Gray - Feat Dave Smalley
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Dave Smalley
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), Dave Smalley
7) The Way You Love Someone - Feat Peter Coyle
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Peter Coyle
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), Copyright Control
8) Sampo - Feat Yuki Chikudate
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Yuki Chikudate (ASCAP)
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), 503 Publishing (ASCAP)
9) A Force Of Nature - Feat Mark Burgess
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Mark Burgess
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), Copyright Control (Mark Burgess) (MCPS)
10) Echo and Sway - Feat Sal Principato
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Sal Principato (BMI)
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), Liquid Liquid (BMI)
11) Someone To Run Away (Orchestra Reprise) - Feat Craig Wedren
Written by: Richard Jankovich (ASCAP), Craig Wedren (BMI) – Featuring the Prague Philharmoic Orchestra
Published by: Fraga Music (ASCAP), Melt Listen Music (BMI)
(P) & (C) 2012 Tirk Recordings

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