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The Love Supreme

Love Supreme is a collaboration between Italian Producers Sapo, Nick 'Sat' Sarno and Roberto Di Movi.

After remixing two tracks by legendary Italian DJ Bruno Bolla for the compilation "Blacktronica" (which included names such as Pressure Drop, Quantic, Ashley Beedle, Jill Scott and Matthew Herbert) the trio started the Love Supreme project as an outlet for their combined musical interests.
Tirk Records are proud to announce the release of Love Supreme's two latest and greatest tracks, "Rocquet" and "Pork Chop Express".
The lead track on this new release is "Rocquet". At around six minutes Rocquet harks to days gone by, retro Italo tracks and dystopian, futuristic visions. It is a relentlessly mechanical track with unstoppable melodies where robotic snares fight for space with arpeggiated basslines. After a moody, stormy intro the track builds up pace and energy and doesn't stop until the very end. The 'Moroder-ish' bassline rumbles through the maze of hi-hats and swirling pads, resulting in an up-tempo and trance-inducing track that will dominate dancefloors everywhere.
The B-Side, Pork Chop Express is a psychedelic, momentous rollercoaster of a track. With a live punk funk 'DFA like' bassline and non-stop drums, the track conjures up images of chase scenes from movies such as that of the work of Italian director Sergio Leone and composer Ennio Morricone. Guitars, eerie strings and relentless stabs make Pork Chop Express a dark disco gem that will be perfect for peak time play.

Written, Produced & Mixed by Love Supreme.
(P) & (C) 2006 Tirk

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