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The Love Supreme
"Elsewhere EP"

The Love Supreme return with the "Elsewhere" EP.

Love Supreme is an Italian production team consisting of musican Sapo and DJs Nick 'Sat' sarno and Roberto Di Movi.
Their first release for Tirk "Rocquet" / "Pork Chop Express" found favour with Daniele Baldelli, Richard Sen (Padded Cell), Trevor Jackson and DFA, amongst others.
Now they return with the "Elsewhere" EP -- once again showcasing their ability to combine influences from Moroder style disco to Detroit techno to Krautrock and Psychedelia.
Lead track "Elsewhere" begins with an epic intro reminiscent of Carl Craig at his finest before the kick-drum drops and brings with it a stripped back italo groove.
On the flip, "The Polly Variation" is big room electronic disco at its finest -- all the dials turned up to 11. Solid drums, propulsive arpeggios and sweeping synths combine before film soundtrack style strings enter the mix.
Finally, the EP is rounded off by "Splash Monkey". An apt title to describe the loose, wonky, psychedelic groove that is clinically proven to make people dance like a monkey that's fallen into a vat of custard.

Written, Produced and Mixed by The Love Supreme.
Recorded at ESP Studio, Milan, Italy.
(P) & (C) 2007 Tirk

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